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CLA was born under this circumstance. We want to group together the small forces from

many Small, medium, and micro enterprises (collectively: SME)’SMEs’ to build a Unite

individual but so powerful’business platform’. It helps our SMEs to do more business by

no increase their cost to earn more profits. We have a mission to help SMEs to break

through from their lonely lives and come out to put their hands together to build a new


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This poem just illustrates the intention of our CLA

Interaction as fundamental of our sales and marketing, we work on our own professions and keeping on improvements, so that we can show our unique strengths of SME. We play a leading role and help many other people in different industry. Righthere we get together to build a new team ‘Business Leaders’ Association’. Wish we can be a big group of [Business Power].

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TEL     :3689 7117
Email : Info@CLA.World