In such a difficult time of Hong Kong 2021, a group of SME-friends with great passion and ambition to set up a new business platform for SMEs. As because they saw themselves and as well as many of other small, medium, and micro enterprises ‘merchants were facing the greatest economic crisis than ever before, a large of unemployment emerged, many professionals have been affected, and even some average stable industries were also destroyed with no difference in this period. This damage was not only awakened us but also let us know we have to learn how to prepare for the crisis. HK is a small city, comparatively having the highest number of small companies in the world. It seems to be a business paradise, unfortunately, many small business owners have been facing many difficulties for years and years! Only those large consortia, listed companies, property developers, etc., can keep earning huge money as bigger as their owned “The Golden Mountains and Silver Mountains” in Hong Kong.

So! How do we can do?

CLA was born under this circumstance. We want to group together the small forces from many Small, medium, and micro enterprises (collectively: SME)’SMEs’ to build a Unite individual but so powerful’business platform’. It helps our SMEs to do more business by no increase their cost to earn more profits. We have a mission to help SMEs to break through from their lonely lives and come out to put their hands together to build a new truly-caring-business-family!

CLA is so different from the general commercial network referring associations. It not only for SME members but also welcomes self-employed or persons with the intention to earn extra money (collectively: SEP ). Our SEPs can be able to make money by selling our SME Members’ products and or services, with no need to purchase first and or invest any money. Therefore, we can say that this is an extremely perfect Win-win situation that benefits both parties by using a wisely *Resource Sharing Method. SO from now on, our SME members can have a large salesmen team to work for them but no bear the burden of any large hiring.