1. CLA as different from ordinary Business Assocation, idea comes from a general Business Networking Association. The only one big difference is CLA does not charge membership fee. Members may maintain their membership as long as they abide by the responsibilities and rules.
  2. One member can be accepted as the only one representative of its sector in each single profession.
  3. A platform for small, medium and micro enterprises or self-employed people to make business and explore business opportunities. Goods or services provider may get huge manpowers to assistance. In same time, SME and or SEP can also do more the other businesses without spending money to stock goods.
  4. Once a week, the meeting will officially start at 7.00 pm and will be completed in about 1.5 hours.
  5. Location: Tsim Sha Tsui- INC ( Currently)
  6. Cost: Free
  7. Clothing: Tidy and clean, better to match the image of their industry.
  8. There are about 20 conference procedures. Start from the chairman introduces CLA and its members and their representative industries then the members introduce themselves in 60 seconds, and the guests introduce themselves in 30 seconds.
  9. Guest(s) come to our meeting should be invited by one of our existing SME member .The same guest(s) may only allow to attend 2 times in a calender year. For those who intend to apply for CLA -SME membership must have been signed and recommended by two existing SME members. And got approval Board of Directors after an Board Interview. (The CLA board of directors reserves the final *non-negotiable decision)