Members’ Rules:

  1. Your products and or services must be provided in the most sincere manner.
  2. You must treat other members, guests, and their recommended guests in a true and true manner.
  3. You must establish cordiality and trust with other members and their recommended guests.
  4. You must follow up on the received referrals in the fastest time.
  5. You must upgrade their professional skills responsibly.

Members’ Responsibilities:

  1. Must attend the weekly meeting once a week. If someone is unable to attend with reason, he or she may allow assigning a representative to attend. The representative can only attend once a month. Otherwise, will be considered absent, and those who have accumulated to three times in a year his or her membership will be forfeited at once. Their owner right of (single professional representation*) will be withdrawn immediately and can be replaced by another person or company. Once a withdrawal is made, it is not permitted to apply for membership again individually or by the same company to which it belongs within 24 months.
  2. Must be sincere and proactive to promote the business and services operated by other members, or proactively purchase goods or services from other members.
  3. It is necessary to visit or interview another member once or more a month. To learn more about other members and take the initiative to help each other find more business.
  4. In each meeting, a member will introduce his company’s products and services with a special topic for 10 minutes. You must bring a gift for the on-site lucky draw.
  5. Members or guests who successfully obtain business from CLA must pay CLA as * platform operation fees. (The amount of the fee is calculated based on 6% of the total transaction value of the transaction * or any decision confirmed by CLA Board of directors). CLA reserved all the rights to change in anytime!